Bin lane users call for action on cyclists

Business owners using Belfast’s only mandatory bin lane are calling for action to combat problem cyclists.

The bin lane on Upper Arthur Street is used every day by many commercial bins from retailers and pubs. But bin owners say the level of illegal cycling, by people mistaking it for a mandatory cycle lane, is getting out of hand.

Another reckless cyclist in the bin lane


One local business owner, who wished to remain anonymous, said “It’s just getting ridiculous, every day we have people flagrantly cycling up the bin lane, with no regard for the safety of our bins.”

The local council have promised to get tough. A spokesperson said “These cyclists need to wise the bap and respect the bin lane rules. What message is it sending out to shoppers, tourists and binmen if these bins can’t be left in peace in the middle of the street, 24/7?

“We’ve had almost three reports of bins very nearly being hit by cyclists in the last month. A lot of money has been spent on this bin lane, and it’s a stain on the city that these yobbo cyclists are ruining it for everyone.”

How a busy bin lane should look – but cyclists are forcing users to block the pavement


Business owners are so frightened of cyclist collisions, and potential scrapes and minor dents, that some bins are being moved to the relative safety of the pavement. The anonymous business owner said “Blocking the pavement for pedestrians, including vision-impaired and restricted-mobility users, is a small price to pay for bin safety. Blame the friggin’ cyclists.”

During 20 minutes spent interviewing locals, I counted five cyclists speeding down the bin lane. The council are promising harsh new measures such as clamping and towing errant cyclists. “We’re proud of the increase in bin usage of this lane over the last year – just go down any day and you’ll see bins there all day long. The sooner we get cyclists off the streets of Belfast the better.”

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25 thoughts on “Bin lane users call for action on cyclists

  1. Thanks for highlighting this. We should refuse to let it continue. I propose writing to Bob Geldof to get some sort of Bin-Aid going to raise funds for this rubbish situation.

  2. Some years ago I did a bit of complaining, which resulted in BCC threatening to remove bins which weren’t put away each night, and DRD lifting the private bins. Try it again.

  3. This situation highlights a waste of public money, spent on desperately needed bin transport provision. Don’t these cyclists realise that business owners pay a bin tax that pays for these lanes?

    I see many cyclists jump red lights; I’ve never seen a bin do this yet, though I have seen them wheelie down the lanes.

  4. Im soooo jealous of these Alfred Street bins. They get to use these lanes 24/7. I am only allowed to block pavements outside our house once a fornight.

  5. Not quite getting NI humour yet I nearly fell for this, I was wondering how comes you get bin lanes and we get next to nothing down here, then I twigged how bad the situation is!!
    Hats off to you and I hope you get it resolved soon.

  6. Oh great, another bin-centric article, no doubt funded by the bin lobby. When are these silent killers going to be banned from our streets? Just the other day I saw one run a red light, and I also saw some pretending to be Daleks in a darkened alley. BAN the BIN!

  7. Here in Sheffield I’ve seen bin lanes blocked by delivery vehicles, football coaches and even the mayor’s limousine. Contractors come along and block them off all the time. All credit to Belfast for getting its priorities in order. What’s the secret?

  8. I’m sorry, this article is idiotic. How am I supposed to take it seriously when those bins are clearly not wearing helmets, or fitted with front and rear reflectors!

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