Delivering the goods


We love the safety of dedicated space for cycling. We love that it encourages people to try cycling, reduces congestion in Belfast and helps us stay healthy in the process. And our colleagues in the delivery industry love our cycle lanes too. Here’s some of the best examples of local delivery drivers showing solidarity with our brave boys and girls on bicycles..

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But there’s a perfectly good cycle lane for him to use! 😦

Is that Coke I’m sniffing in the cycle lane? The smell of graciously shared space!

Job swap this morning, bicycles on the one-way street, trucks in the cycle lane

Only there for the love of cycling #THANKYOUGALGORM

Trucks and bikes as one!

Build it and they will come!

No traffic warden shall break our bond!

Galgorm delivery sits proudly beside the cycle motif #sharedspace

Leafy scene of solidarity

BUNZL McLoughlin playing hide and seek in the cycle lane!

Let us shelter together under the bridge, brother cyclist!

Oi, taxis! This is a cycle/truck lane!

Central Laundries cycling club run support vehicle #chapeau

Food Co’s cycling shop steward stands with cyclists!

Henderson Food Group are massive fans of cycling!

Frylite standing shoulder to shoulder with cyclists

Triple truck solidarity

Lets share this space, trucks and bikes together!

Bins shall not prevent our delivery of support for cycling!

Summer of cycling (and delivering)

North Down Group cycling engagement open day

GPS delivering cycling love to the right address

Join me in the cycle lane, brave cyclist!

This lane is your lane, this lane is my lane..

Hazard warning lights on to support our cyclists!

With open doors (and hearts) we share this space with cyclists

Come inside and find out more about Nixon Removals’ cycling outreach

Next year we’ll have a van logo beside the bicycle motif #progress

Double delivery of bicycle brotherhood

Let’s share this precious space!

TPN won’t flinch in their support of cycling

Truline’s trulove for bicycle culture in Belfast

Cheeky, playful van wants to share this space with you, cyclists!

This lane is for you cyclists, and delivery drivers want to show their support


Frylite’s love of cycle lanes goes way back (2012)


Nothing can shred the bonds of friendship between cyclists and delivery drivers!

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