Number Crunching: #BloodyCyclists

A simple illustration of the menace posed by people cycling on Northern Ireland’s roads. Something must be done..


People riding bicycles make up about 1% of journeys in Northern Ireland, yet only 0.045% of traffic offences. Damn, we’re a wonderfully safe, respectful, law-abiding bunch of #bloodycyclists, according to the police anyway.

Source: Police Issued Fixed Penalty Notice Statistics for Traffic Offences in Northern Ireland, Annual Report 2012 (PDF, 388K)

5 thoughts on “Number Crunching: #BloodyCyclists

  1. Clearly this will not satisfy Daily Fail readers who will demand to know how many of those 10 cyclists were riding through a red traffic signal AND on the footway, and any other offences that clearly ALL cyclists are committing ALL the time.

  2. Now list the number of laws car drivers ‘should’ adhere to compared to the ones applied to cyclists..which they would ignore with even more fervour than the motorist.

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